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 Transformational Discovery Coaching  

Real Life Real Talk is for The Person!

The Person seeking peace and alignment within realizing the cost is far too great for their health mentally, emotionally and physically NOT to come into alignment with who they truly are.

The Person awakening to an actual and deeper reality beyond their upbringing,

societal rules and limiting beliefs of self and others.

The Person seeking authentic connections ready to investigate why they are drawn to particular spaces, feeling a shift in how they want to show up in the world. 

The Person creating space that doesn't diminish their light honoring the value that they add to the world 

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You Will Find...

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Self Discovery

Are You Ready To Break Free of Everyone Else’s Expectations?

If you  experience any of the following, you may be stuck in the frustrating cycle of self-doubt and feeling unfulfilled. KNOW there is hope and a solution to whatever you're experiencing!
  • A feeling of anxiety that hinders your decision-making ability

  • Sleepless nights leaving you exhausted

  • Uncertainty about what the future holds for you

  • Uncomfortable muscle tension in your neck, back, and shoulders

  • Feeling like your life is like a scene out of “Groundhog Day” - the same old thing on repeat​​

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You Deserve Better!

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Hi I'm Jean

As a woman, I understand the emotional rollercoaster one  experiences as one shifts through life’s various stages.
You may question

"Are those around me valuing my worth?"

It’s so easy to think, “Is this it?” or “Do I have more in me?”

The answer is - YES YOU DO!

When I was growing up one of my favorite things to do was to find a spot and read, I would get captivated by the stories and pretend I was right there in the midst of whatever I was reading.

Reading brought me joy, possibilities and I believed I could be anything I wanted to be however, those around me didn’t see it that way and although many times they thought they were helping me be realistic the words were creating limitations.

It would be years later before I would shake the chains and patterns of thoughts and habits that were keeping me imprisoned in relationships and stories as a result I want to help others break free of the limitations others created for me.

I’m here to walk with you on your journey to rediscovering yourself and your mission in life. No matter your age, life still has so much to offer, and you have more to bring to this world.

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What is the community of RLRT?

  • The place where value is added to your life.

  • Space held to lift one another up in a safe environment while challenging each other to become  healthier spiritually & emotionally.

  • It is an invitation into deeper insights

  • An awareness of what your support  network looks like for you

  • Where accountability is activated in your areas of strength

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