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Coaching Services

As a coach, I’m activated when I see my clients experience that aah moment of discovery, that sense of freedom one experiences when you can go beyond the myths and expectations of society or that of culture. 


Coaches assist in guiding you and helping you see where your blind spots are.

My coaching style is direct and at times challenging yet it is done with respect and honor. 


  • You will approach your life with inquiry.

  • I will ask probing questions to help you gain insight into how you are showing up in your life.

  • You will learn the art of saying yes to what matters and no or at least limiting what drains you.

  • I am for the person who is willing to take a risk and get connected to what matters.

As your life coach I will not dictate how you are to live life, nor am I here to fix your life, I'm sent to provoke you to live the life you have to its fullest potential.

My Goal as Your Coach is to:

  • Disrupt unproductive thought patterns.

  • Cause you to position yourself for self-awareness.

  • Cause you to actively engage and participate in your own life.

There are two ways to work with me

  • Individually - if you'd like to discuss working individually you can text, email, or call to schedule a consult

  • Groups - They are offered several times per year in person and online.

Each package is tailored & adjusted according to the needs of the individual or group sessions.


Individual Coaching

Image by Vonecia Carswell

Group Coaching

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More about me

Who I Am

I am a lifelong learner, I find joy in connecting with others and adding value to their lives.


  • Dharius Daniels Transformational Coaching Certification Program

  • Landmark Forum Leadership Training

  • Ordained Minister Faith Tabernacle Gospel Fellowship Int'l Minneapolis MN 

  • Wilder's Leadership Program: James P. Shannon Leadership Institute 

  • Youth Ministry Certification at Youth Leadership Inc (Bethel):

  • PACER Center MSFN: Parent Leadership Training


 Trauma-Informed & Moving Trauma Through The Body 

  • Certified in Thai Yoga Body, Chair Yoga & Restorative Yoga through Devanadi School of Yoga & Wellness

  • Certified in Chi Nei Tsang & Traditional Thai Massage in Thailand through Omsala of Thailand School

  • Certified Massage Therapist through Therapeutic Massage at Center Point Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School & Clinic

  • Certification in Energy Medicine through Normandale Community College

  • STAR-LITE Trauma Awareness & Resilience

  • Certified Mediation Trainer through Conflict Resolution Center

  • DBT and Mindfulness Training

Co-Author of Two Published Books & Spoken Word

  • Let The Black Woman Say Ase'

  • A Memory, A Moment, A Message

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