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Coaching Services

As a coach I’m activated when I see your eyes light up with that aah moment of discovery, that sense of freedom you experience beyond the myths of society, of culture the stories you've told yourself how life should be. 


Why it matters is that often you feel like you’re traveling through this world wearing a mask so others feel comfortable yet hiding how you really feel, wearing a superhero cape that says, I’ll help, give it to me, I can do anything.  Being left with mixed emotions of anger, frustration and overwhelm because you hadn’t considered the cost of saying yes.  You find it difficult to ask for help or even say you need help because you’re not sure what it looks like or what to even take off your plate, therefore overwhelm and not trusting your own feelings seem normal.  You’re not even sure if you shared what you feel that anyone would really understand.

Real Life Real Talk offers you the space to challenge the cookie cutter ways of being using “The Take Time” approach to inquire, and go deeper to those probing questions of what would it mean to redefine how you show up for yourself, learning the art of saying yes to what matters and no to what will drain the life out of you. Causing a transformation to take place.

My coaching style is direct and at times challenging yet it is done with respect and honor I am for the people who are willing and ready to take the risk of leaving conformity going into the deeper waters of what living life means to them, getting tools to access more of life, honoring who they are designed and created to be.

Each time we meet you can expect there will be:

  • Time to check in about your wins (acknowledging where your winning is key, it allows space for gratitude)

  • Engagement activity questions (giving you a window of opportunity to see what causes you to move into action)

  • A time of reflection (what’s next with the information you’ve discovered about yourself)


A coach is meant to help guide you along your journey, and as a coach I will not dictate nor tell you how to live your life that is your decision to make.  However, as a coach I will disrupt thought patterns and as your coach my goal is to help you see your life from a greater position of awareness, to provoke thought, so that you can and will actively engage and participate in your life connecting with in ways that bring you a sense of inward peace.

There are two ways to work with me:

  • Individual - if you'd like to discuss working individually click on the complimentary button below

  • Group - If you'd like to do the group session click on the introductory group session below 


Each package can be tailored & tweaked according to the needs of the individual or group.


Individual Coaching

This is about:
Taking Time out to Discover, acknowledge and recognize patterns that have prevented you from moving forward in your life.  
Using the Take-Time approach to thoughtfully with focused attention identify and create awareness around your patterns of behaviors.

Why This Approach?
It takes intentionality and time to pay attention to and allow space for lasting change.  

Image by Vonecia Carswell

Group Coaching

Relationships can be complicated however, when you are able to take an honest look at how you feel and find ways to communicate your wants and needs then you can set up reasonable expectations while creating and establishing boundaries that feel doable.

This is a safe space where you are embraced, and your voice is heard. It is a time to probe deeper with intentionality to investigate what your expectations are in a relationship.

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More about me

I am a lifelong learner, I find joy in connecting with others and adding value to their lives.

My top 5 strength finders are: 


As a lifelong learner some of my training experience has included: 


  • Landmark Forum Leadership Training

  • Dharius Daniels Transformational Coaching Certification Program

  • Ordained Minister Faith Tabernacle Gospel Fellowship Int'l Minneapolis MN 

  • Wilder's Leadership Program: James P. Shannon Leadership Institute 

  • Youth Ministry Certification at Youth Leadership Inc (Bethel):

  • PACER Center MSFN: Parent Leadership Training

 Trauma-Informed & Moving Trauma Through The Body 

  • Devanadi School of Yoga & Wellness: Thai Yoga Bodyworks Levels 1-3; Chair & Restorative Yoga Certificates

  • Certified in Thailand at Omsala of Thailand in Chi Nei Tsang & Traditional Thai Massage program

  • CMT Therapeutic Massage at Center Point Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School & Clinic:

  • Normandale Community College: Certification in Energy Medicine

  • STAR-LITE Trauma Awareness & Resilience

  • Conflict Resolution Center: Certified Mediation Trainer

  • DBT and Mindfulness Training

Co-Author of Two Published Books

  • Let The Black Woman Say Ase'

  • A Memory, A Moment, A Message


  • Mill City Museum Women's History Month "The Pink Hallway Pass"

  • Pillsbury House and Theater Block Party At the The Lorraine Hansberry Inside Out Exhibit 

Who I Am

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