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 Transformational Discovery Coaching  

Real Life Real Talk is for The Person!

The Person seeking peace and alignment within realizing the cost is far too great for their health mentally, emotionally and physically NOT to come into alignment with who they truly are.

The Person awakening to an actual and deeper reality beyond their upbringing,

societal rules and limiting beliefs of self and others.

The Person seeking authentic connections ready to investigate why they are drawn to particular spaces, feeling a shift in how they want to show up in the world. 

The Person creating space that doesn't diminish their light honoring the value that they add to the world 

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You Will Find...

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Self Discovery

Are You Ready To Break Free of Everyone Else’s Expectations?

If you  experience any of the following, you may be stuck in the frustrating cycle of self-doubt and feeling unfulfilled. KNOW there is hope and a solution to whatever you're experiencing!
  • A feeling of anxiety that hinders your decision-making ability

  • Sleepless nights leaving you exhausted

  • Uncertainty about what the future holds for you

  • Uncomfortable muscle tension in your neck, back, and shoulders

  • Feeling like your life is like a scene out of “Groundhog Day” - the same old thing on repeat​​

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You Deserve Better!

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I Know How You Feel, Been Down That Road?

As a woman, I understand the emotional rollercoaster one  experiences as one shifts through life’s various stages.
You may question

"Are those around me valuing my worth?"

It’s so easy to think, “Is this it?” or “Do I have more in me?”

The answer is - YES YOU DO!

I’m here to walk with you on your journey to rediscovering yourself and your mission in life. No matter your age, life still has so much to offer, and you have more to bring to this world.

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Healing Begins Here!

Have you ever had the pleasure of having coffee or tea with a close friend? If so, you know the comfort and peace that comes from pouring your heart out to someone who cares & has the ability to make you feel like you matter.

That is precisely the experience you receive at Real Life Real Talk! You have three different modalities to choose from Healthy Touch using massage, Discovery Coaching, and Group Facilitated Conversations.

No matter which option you choose, we’ll work together to find the joy in the everyday struggle of life, and you’ll learn how to see everything as a learning experience and growth opportunity.

Shame, blame, and accusations become a thing of your past as you journey to wholeness of spirit, soul, and body.

Getting Started Is Simple As 1-2-3

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1. Believe In Yourself

Take the opportunity to find out what is possible!!!

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2. Schedule


Choose the service individual, or group coaching that works best for your life and your goals.  (Massage under Jean's Healing Hands)


3. Prepare for Freedom

Investing in yourself is one of the hardest and most rewarding things you’ll ever do for yourself, yet I promise you, it’s worth it! As you journey down this path, you will find freedom and peace in understanding what makes you uniquely YOU and owning it, which adds value to YOUR life and those around you.

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Experience the Real Life Real Talk (RLRT) Difference

Transformational Discovery Coaching

You’ll find that using the take time approach helps you honor and align with your values.

Supporting Your Mind & Body Connection

Wellness is more than being free from illness: it is a process of change and growth towards a mentally and emotionally healthy lifestyle.

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Helping You Discover Your Passion & Purpose

At RLRT, you’ll learn how to take a wellness approach to key areas of your life.