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This book has really been a blessing to me there was laughter, fun and some challenges because we had to be vulnerable to share our story.

  • This book was an easy read
  • There was harmony
  • Learning to trust God in everything and having a deeper relationship


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A Memory A Moment A Message

SKU: 364215375135191
  • A Memory, A Moment, A Message ...From the Coaches Desk is a collaboration of memories, moments, and messages all narrated by a group of coaches and their experiences  of a coaching program that sparked a connection. The connection sparked a cohesive collaboration to share experiences that these ladies felt would benefit other women who may have memories, moments, or a message that caused you to think of taking a leap of faith and you choked as result. 

    Every story is unique and different, but there may be a story from one of the transformational coaches that will help you to release yourself to take the leap. It's a variety of memories, moments, and messages from the "Coaches" Desk.

  • It is a flat rate included in the cost

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