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What Is Coaching & Why Do It?


What is it?

It is a way for you to intentionally and purposely have a sounding board to take you to the next steps in your life. This will help you increase your personal influence and impact you in ways that will begin to feel sustainable. What it doesn’t mean is that you won’t run into challenges yet, you will realize you are READY to do something that has previously felt uncomfortable or maybe unobtainable yet, with the help of a coach you are able to tap in and release the answers that have been locked up within you.

Why does it matter?

We all have answers within us and yet due to various reasons you may have silenced your inner wisdom or allowed doubt to creep in and began suppressing your truth over the years and NOW you’ve had enough and with the help of a coach you can let it out and free your inner wisdom.

Why is addressing this beneficial?

When you gain back speaking your truth you then Become a Better Communicator & Advocate for:

What you need in your friendships

In advocating for your children with their teachers, the doctor, and any other place you need to advocate on their behalf

When dating you won’t ignore or at least you will become aware of those red flashing warning signs, and you can choose not to silence your inner voice.

When being given assignments or more work whether at work, on a committee, in community settings, you will advocate for yourself to work in areas of your strengths where you can shine the most and add a greater benefit to others.

You’ll be able to speak up and have the courage to tell coworkers I’m not interested in hearing your problems day after day and you interrupting me multiple times during the day which is distracting me from completing my work effectively or even gossiping about people who I don’t feel the same way you do about.


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