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What I’m Coming To Grips With Part One

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Where was I two years ago?

I was wondering what was going to happen next, we were at the start of the pandemic, and I had just attended MN Connect Up in early March of 2020. Not many people showed up because of COVID and fear, yet I showed up each day with excitement & hope that my time had come. I felt led to put more effort and time into building up Real Life Real Talk, LLC however, I had some trepidation about what to do next.

I was interested in joining a 90-day challenge group that had a premise if you would take massive action, you would see results in 90 days through the Rock Thomas group. Could I move the needle from where I was to where I wanted to be? For the next two years, I'd be coming to grips with the patterns I had been living out knowingly and unknowingly.

The group would address the following areas:

Results – What did I specifically want

Reasons – Why did I want this result

Actions – What would be the actionable steps I would take to get there

Feedback – Get feedback from others in the group to see if the strategy was working

Thrills – How would I celebrate my wins for the week

So I joined in April 2020. To be honest, during the first 30 days, I gave very superficial answers to questions. I wanted to believe what I was saying, yet the truth of the matter was that my belief system wasn't there yet, to fully support what I truly wanted to see happen in my life. So, I said what sounded good, yet I didn't honestly believe it was possible for me. How do I know that to be the case because after the calls ended, after I had hyped myself up, it wouldn't be long before doubt would slowly, no actually quickly creep back in. I was angry with myself for feeling like a pretender, not having the courage to ask for help, and not even knowing what type of help l needed. I had people around me, yet our life's direction didn't appear to be going in the same direction. It often felt like we were having grand ideas and conversations, yet when the time came to put the effort into making it happen, crisis after crisis would pop up right on cue to prevent the dream from going full force. It was at one of these points I made the decision, enough talk, go for it and live out the dream, out loud or sit on the sidelines and be petty, feeling some type of way because I wasn't taking advantage of the time presented to bring the vision to life.

See part two May 2nd, 2022 of "What I'm Coming To Grips With"

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