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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Please join us for Let the Black Women Say Ase' Book Launch happening

Date Saturday, August 27th being held at

Location The Loft Literary Center

Address 1011 South Washington Avenue #200 Minneapolis, MN 55415

Time 10 am-Noon

Join the Aya Collective for the launch of our first anthology, Let the Black Women Say Ase'.

Asé is a word of affirmation, of agreement, that the storytellers in this anthology give to each other. Rather than solely looking for that affirmation from the outside world, the storytellers gather together to share and bear witness to the life unfolding before them. In this anthology, full of writing from our Black sisters, we are taught to embrace the fullness and diversity of our spirituality. We are encouraged in our mothering, whether we are natural mothers or not. We are given the courage to embrace life and love—courage when these things are really good, and courage to still lean in when it hurts. We are brave enough to cherish our strengths and not use our strengths as an excuse to hide from our vulnerabilities. We invite you, reader, yes you, to join us as we tell these stories with ourselves, understanding that our asé’ transcends our individual experiences and is shared by Black people all around the world.

Confirm your participation by registering here so that we know you are coming:

You can reserve your copy of the book by preordering it here:

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