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Why The Name Real Life Real Talk?

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Since I can recall, I've had people approach me and begin sharing things they dared not share with others. I'd often wonder why, especially in my adolescent years later, I would discover it was an untapped gift of mine to sit with others holding space, allowing for a release within that was holding them hostage in thought or emotions.

As a result of these experiences, I've had the opportunity to connect with employment that has allowed me to build relationships or host community conversations to have a richer, deeper dialogue. I discovered that when you begin down a path of self-discovery, things within you continue to become revealed. After facilitating conversations in youth programs, women's groups and being an advocate in housing programs for over 15 years, I was awakened out of my sleep in 2016 with this aah moment call it "Real Life Real Talk." I registered the name with the State of MN with excitement and curiosity.

I recall a birthday gift about five years ago, where a friend and I attended a retreat called "For Women by Women," located in Williard, Wisconsin, called The Christian Center. We were introduced to Yoga Nidra, deep resting yoga, and Donna Eden's Energy, where you release tension by tapping energy through the body. We also learned to do meditation breathwork and appreciate the power of singing bowls. We returned several more times.

This event sparked me to go on a path of discovery. I was curious and intrigued by how these modalities worked. I attended Normandale Community College, receiving a certification in Energy Medicine, adding this skill in working with families. I must admit Energy medicine was not well received in certain circles. Yet I knew it had actual results so, I continued to connect with healing & its impact on health DeVandi Yoga School of Yoga & Wellness, completing Restorative & Chair Yoga and Thai Body Work Yoga levels 1-3. In 2018 I went to Thailand with a group of other students from this studio with Tanya B. In addition, to these, a friend told me about Center Point Massage & Shiatsu School & Clinic. The prices were reasonable, allowing me to get massages regularly. The impact on me both mentally and physically was phenomenal. I was gaining clarity and expanding my awareness regarding holistic approaches. I told anyone who would listen.

I wanted to understand the body in greater depth and sought to take anatomy. I decided to attend Center Point Massage & Shiatsu School & Clinic to become certified in Swedish and Therapeutic Massage.

"Real Life Real Talk" is symbolic of my journey to meet a part of myself I wasn't aware existed. I desire to give this gift of self-discovery to others.

It is that "fork in the road" moment where one asks, is this it? What am I here for? In these moments, we need space for some real honest conversations with ourselves hence "Real Life Real Talk." Discovering clarity may mean self-care through massage or other healing touch methods, breathwork, or it can show up in a community with other individuals creating community wholeness. It all starts with "Real Life Real Talk" moments.

I recently found that one of my 5- languages of love is touch, which makes sense to me why I would move into the field of Healing.


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