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About Me

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Group Facilitator &  Discovery Coach

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As a parent of three children, I had to navigate the systems of special education, MFIP, career choices, relationships (friends & intimate), and recovery programs while being considered a single parent. I had family and friends who supported me as best as they could, yet they too struggled with the obstacles of life.  Even with my struggles along the way in every step, I obtained skills and experiences that helped shape me and cause me to identify my gifts.  I became aware I had a gift of advocacy for women in thought-provoking yet meaningful ways. I was honored to have mentors that had come into my life, who were able to assure me I was more than what I was experiencing, it was during this time I met Pastors Floyd & Mae Beecham who caused such a spiritual awakening & shift in my thinking that I would never be the same. I became a part of the J.P Shannon Leadership Program in 2018, where I was challenged to look at leadership through the lens of my values in ways I had not considered, this led me to continue releasing old labels and past emotional baggage. That space taught me and even challenged me to recognize and accept that I was in the room because God called me to be in the room. Every door I've walked through has taught me that leaders show up in many capacities. Every leader can if willing bring something to the table that can impact the nation for the greater good. I've had to sit in spaces and grapple with life's nuances the disparities of it, yet be a voice for those who, like myself, had been labeled even written off, yet what was in me was greater than the LABELS placed upon me. I AM Real Life Real Talk!   I AM a living testament to KEEP dreaming!

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Two of the most Powerful Words; for what you put after them shapes your Reality!

- Gary Hensel
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I'm grateful for all my sista's from all around the globe who've lifted me up, supported and encouraged me to become my best as well as a result of this they've helped me to sit with others in uncomfortable spaces to feel heard, seen and valued.  It is my Gift to the Universe/World.

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Training and Experience

  • STAR-LITE Trauma Awareness & Resilience

  • Conflict Resolution Center: Certified Mediation Trainer

  • DBT and Mindfulness Training

  • Dharius Daniels Transformational Coaching Certification Program

  • Normandale Community College: Certification in Energy Medicine

  • Wilder's Leadership Program: James P. Shannon Leadership Institute 2018-Cohort

  • Ordained Minister through Faith Tabernacle Gospel Fellowship Int'l Minneapolis MN

  • Devanadi School of Yoga & Wellness: Thai Yoga Bodyworks Levels 1-3; Chair & Restorative Yoga Certificates

  • While in Thailand trained at Omsala of Thailand  Chi Nei Tsang & Traditional Thai Massage program

  • Center Point Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School & Clinic: CMT Therapeutic Massage 

  •  Upledger Basic Cupping & Craniosacral

My Journey

  • PACER Center MSFN: Parent Leadership Training

  • Paraprofessional in Minneapolis Public Schools

  • Youth Leadership Inc (Bethel): Youth Ministry Certification Program

  • Youth & Family Advocate with Housing Programs in Minneapolis & St. Paul MN

I have worked for 20+ years as an advocate in various capacities, including youth, family (parents), and single adults. This is where I discovered that I genuinely enjoyed speaking life to others. I knew then I wanted to continue this journey of provoking thought in myself and others that greater possibilities do exist and that we are more than what we've experienced.  To genuinely think outside the box and expand consciousness together.

At various points of my journey, I have been full of raw emotions, yet like a precious gemstone that needed polishing, God guided my life bringing both men and women into my life who weren't afraid to shine a light on the difficult truths I needed to see and hear yet, still they were able to help me see the inner beauty that I struggled to see.
At this time, my spiritual journey of self-love and self-discovery began. Up to this point, I was dealing with my past trauma, including rape and physical, mental, and emotional abuse. However, once I hit my late 20s-mid 30's, I decided to learn and pursue things that sparked my interest, and not just for the sake of a degree.
This refinement and continued learning shaped me into the woman and healer I am today. It also led me to create Real Life Real Talk, LLC to help others, particularly women break free! Whether society placed you in a box or you yourself set you there, let's break free!  Receive your peace and freedom and become engaged with your life while overcoming every obstacle in your path.

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